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Do your patrons love sports? Chances are if they do, they also love betting on them. Generate a new stream of revenue to your establishment at NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU! Our revenue sharing platform introduces an approved online sports betting company to your patrons. Leveraging existing sports betting companies' sites, we focus on live micro betting—the hottest, most interactive entertainment at the moment.

Because you've already worked so hard to develop a strong customer base, we pay you a bonus for every activated account that signs up—plus share a referral fee for potential reoccurring revenue. Your customers are prime prospects to open wagering accounts with these companies. When they do, they'll spend more time in your establishment, continue to come back, and earn loyalty rewards to spend even more!

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Betting on Sports Events is BOOMING

Live online betting is the fastest growing segment of online sports betting.

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You are not participating in the over $7 billion in betting revenue.

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Leverage your prospects' betting to generate more revenue.

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By providing a patron loyalty program that increases longer dwell times, and return visits.

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