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Daniel M.

My customers really like this game, especially because it interacts with the sports event being shown on our TVs. They like predicting what will happen in the game and the real-time leader board, and stay through the game to see where they placed and if they won a prize. Lots of fun and more play every week.

Katie G.

When I serve my customers I tell them about the game and get them to download it. They always like it and competing with each other. It is lots of fun for anyone who likes and watches sports and it really increases my tips!

Judith S.

I have played the blitz game many times. I like the competition with my friends and others while we watch sports together. We now bring our friends to “our place” to join in the competition. It is easy to play and there is a game for all the teams we follow – baseball, football, and basketball. We really like it and it never gets old.

What Sets Us Apart?

Watching sports on bar TVs is the number 2 reason people visit a bar. BarSharp offers a unique, non-betting gaming experience for sports fans at your venue.

BarSharp Blitz™ is a fun and engaging sports prediction game that creates additional interest in your establishment—leading to higher revenue.

Also included is our BarSharp Referral Program™, which drives return visits to your location with solid incentives and rewards.

BarSharp Blitz™

Thousands of users have downloaded and played our FREE interactive sports game. BarSharp Blitz increases dwell times by four times, adds 40% average spend on game nights, and rewards your customers for playing and winning.

BarSharp Referral Program™

Our proprietary software makes it easy for your customers to connect with and receive special offers from big brands in industries such as sports apparel, sports betting, fitness and more.


Played Thursday at my local participating bar. Not only did I win a $20 bar credit, I also finished 16th and won $10.00. Woke up this morning and requested the cash out. Within minutes had a personal email from an employee named Garrett, I had made a mistake in my email. My mistake was quickly fixed and money was in my PayPal in seconds. I am so impressed with the high level of great service. Great App!


We were introduced to the app at a bar. Had a fun time playing and stayed a few hours later than planned watching a game none of us had been particularly interested in when we got there. Definitely gets you engaged and provides something fun to do while spending time with a group. Did not have to have strong knowledge of the teams/sports to be able to play and in. Fun sports app!


Simple to use and the national contest rock! I have cashed out $10 and just did another for $65. I have only been using the app for a little over a month. Free to use and keeps you interested in sports games at your local bar that participates!!! Love it. LOVE IT!

Get BarSharp for just $299!

For a limited time, there is no monthly cost to join the BarSharp network, which gives you unlimited access to BarSharp Blitz™ and the BarSharp Referral Program™. If you join now, we will waive the $149/mo fee and you will be grandfathered into a no-monthly fee membership for as long as you remain a member of our network..

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How Is My Revenue Increased?

  • 4X longer dwell times for players
  • 40% higher bar tabs on game days
  • Referral fees paid to you for each customer sign up
  • Loyalty program with points and prizes increases return visits
  • Recurring revenue in each month the signed up accounts are active